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Become a Sponsor - Lights In Greenawalds

Become a Sponsor

Lights in Greenawalds Sponsorship Information

Become a sponsor for Lights in Greenawalds. Ensure that Lights in Greenawalds remains a free tradition for families for many years to come!

No donation is too small, where it be money or goods!

Some examples of non-monetary goods being accepted are:

  • Hot Chocolate Supplies
  • Cookies, Candies, Cakes
  • Other Christmas-themed giveaways for children
Businesses who choose to donate money have different options for exposure including:
  • Placement on Website
  • Shout out on Social Media Page
  • Signage within the attraction
  • Shout-out on local media outlets
  • etc.

Interested parties may contact us via the form over at the Contact Tab of our website!


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